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An App for Choosing the Right Tooling

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An App for Choosing the Right Tooling

Published: 07/11/2016

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Vortex Tool Company Inc. is a family-owned and run manufacturer and distributor of high quality cutting tools for woodshops. It is the largest American-owned and operated manufacturer of solid carbide router bits, and is known for both superior technical support and innovative engineering. Vortex works with more than 3,500 companies and is responsible for numerous ‘firsts’ in the woodworking industry. Over the years Vortex Tool has designed and manufactured the industry's first triple-flute compression spiral, the first solid carbide spiral profile tool, and the Vortex ‘Tornado’ rougher/finisher combination spiral.


Combining excellent customer service with intelligent engineering has become a bit of a habit for this Schofield, Wis. firm. So it’s no surprise that Vortex Tool Company has developed an app to simplify tool selection, based on a woodshop’s cutting needs. It’s very user-friendly: just type in the type of material being cut, the horsepower of the CNC machine, the tool diameter, the thickness of material and the type of cut desired, and the Tool Selection Guide App will recommend the best tool for the job. Convenient links are provided to the current Vortex Tool catalog and online ordering. The idea is that a shop manager can now spend a few very efficient minutes on his/her phone to complete a task that used to take a lot longer and involved paging through catalogs or websites. Winner of the ‘Visionary Award’ at AWFS, the app doesn’t stop there: it also includes calculators to determine chip-load, feed rate, RPM and even does metric conversions.


Vortex offers superior customer service in the form of quick turnaround, custom tooling and the kind of personal touch that every good manager looks for in a supplier. Now those traits are only as far away as your fingertips. The Vortex Tool Selection Guide App is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and it can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, or through Google Play.


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