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Before your next job starts, think about the finish.

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Before your next job starts, think about the finish.

Published: 09/05/2016

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The new Facts on Finishing Guide from AcromaPro™ is an essential tool for any woodshop.

As new finishing techniques become available, it can be a challenge to understand the complex relationship between products, application methods and curing techniques. A woodworker also needs to grasp how these elements form an integral part of the finished wood product. The new Facts on Finishing Guide, which is available free of charge as a downloadable PDF file, covers a host of topics from surface finishing materials to various substrates, plus different application and curing methods. It also addresses environmental considerations, cost efficiencies and the durability of finishes – all of which help woodworkers make better use of increasingly technical options.

AcromaPro has been serving woodshops since 1874, so it’s no surprise that the company has created this hands-on tool for finishers. Originally founded in Sweden as Beckers and merging with Acroma Lack AB in 1968, the company has evolved over the past 142 years into one of the world’s most trusted providers of wood finishing solutions. Becker Acroma was acquired by Sherwin-Williams in 2010, further broadening its knowledge base and bolstering its leadership in finishing technologies.

With ten easy to navigate sections of content, the new Guide is a must-read for both beginning and experienced finishers. It describes everything from pot life to drying/curing and how to sand a finish. And it’s not just a tool for hands-on finish application: it also helps a woodshop manage resources. Shop owners and project managers will gain valuable insights on how to achieve the best finish while optimizing capacity, and cutting production costs.

As any artisan knows, pairing the right treatment with a specific wood species is crucial. In the section on substrates, the Guide focuses on materials such as solid wood, veneers and sheet stock. It describes how correct sanding techniques can be combined with the right finishing materials and technology to achieve a top quality coating. After all, a well-sanded surface is halfway to a perfect finish.

In the Guide’s paints, lacquers and stains section, finishers can enhance their knowledge of the differences between various binders, solvents, additives, pigments and fillers. Then the publication talks about drying and curing, and the best ways to accelerate drying in order to reduce hazards and manage solvent emissions in a responsible manner.

When comparing the costs of different finishing systems, a shop manager needs to take several factors into account such as the type of product, its dry content, density and dilution curve. The Guide addresses these issues and also covers the handling of paints and lacquers in a safe manner, plus how to employ finishing techniques that minimize environmental impact – all while creating a safer and cleaner workstation for employees. And it deals with surface resistance – how cured furniture finishes will behave in the real world.

Finding a defect on a coated surface is fairly easy, but finding its cause can be difficult. A woodshop finisher can use Facts on Finishing to help determine what is causing the problem, and source relevant solutions.

AcromaPro is committed to improving customers’ competitiveness by developing products and techniques to meet shops’ needs, and also those of the environment. The new Facts on Finishing Guide is just one way the company supports woodworkers’ efforts in these areas. To download your copy, visit the URL listed below. And to locate an AcromaPro distributor near you, or for more information on some of the world’s leading waterborne, post-catalyzed and pre-catalyzed coatings, plus a wide selection of both clear and pigmented stains and glazes and AcromaPro’s Aqualight™ Waterborne UV products, visit the company online at

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