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Big Shop Technology for Any Size Woodshop

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Big Shop Technology for Any Size Woodshop

Published: 09/05/2016

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Not getting the most out of your dust collector?


Custom filter bag manufacturer American Fabric Filter Co. (AFF) has been working with woodshops of every size for the past two decades, and has proven over and over again that most existing systems can outperform a brand new one when they’re equipped with AFF’s optimized filters. Based in Wesley Chapel, Fla., the staff of experienced technical designers works closely with its custom manufacturing facilities to solve customers’ challenges. They offer the same individualized custom filter design technology to small and mid-sized commercial shops – and even home hobbyists – as they do to large manufacturing plants. AFF is proud to deliver fabric products from just three inches long to three stories high. That range is possible because the company recognizes that no two woodshops are alike, and filtration needs vary with the size of the collector, the type of dust generated, and the amount of use the system gets. The company’s experienced sales staff can recommend fabrics, designs and sizes that maximize both vacuum and the cleanliness of the air being returned to the shop. They manufacture a wide line of filtration bags including custom filters for small collectors, bag-house bags, and vent bags used on any piece of air moving equipment.


For woodshops, AFF typically uses a scrim supported felt, which creates highly efficient bags that can improve performance while capturing dust particles as fine as 1 micron. The scrim-supported media adds strength to the felt for greater durability, so it extends the life of the bag.


AFF also offers replacement cartridge filter elements for bag-houses and dust collectors. They fit most OEM units, and are manufactured from quality components to meet or exceed original factory specs and provide top performance.



Consultations with the experts at AFF are free, so call soon to learn how to make your shop a cleaner –and healthier – place to work.



Phone:      800-367-3591