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Cabinets are not made by wood alone

Cabinets are not made by wood alone

Published: 03/12/2012

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 Cabinets are not made by wood alone.

 The woodworking industry is beginning to embrace design elements that use other materials to enhance the natural beauty of wood. Leading the charge is Osborne Wood Products, Inc. of Toccoa, Georgia. Following up on the introduction of their revolutionary Fusion Line of furniture legs, they have now added a number of new metal elements to their already comprehensive product array.

            Osborne’s new Madison vanity leg is a simple yet elegantly stated piece in polished stainless steel. It comes as either a 3" or 4" cube and is the most symmetrical and proportioned of the metal vanity legs offered by the company. The Madison brings beautifully stated functionality to any vanity.

            At 5" long, the brushed nickel Du Pont leg is a graceful, symmetric cone that catches one’s eye but is not so overpowering that it interrupts the viewer’s visual opinion of the furniture. This vanity leg’s unassuming style is a wonderful choice for contemporary and modern design.

            The Durham vanity leg is the most extravagant in Osborne’s bill of fare. Made of classic wrought iron, this is a flawless choice when the desired look is one of formality and tradition.

The legs that began this blending of materials, Osborne’s Fusion line (patent pending), are the perfect transitional design. They combine both wood and metal elements, and work equally well in both traditional and contemporary applications. They are offered in up to nine wood species and a selection of five metal finishes, and they disassemble and assemble seamlessly, making finishing easy. Fusion legs come in two lengths, 34-1/2" and 35-1/2", and in two designs, Solaris and Electra.

The Solaris is a square leg that is composed of an oval metal element positioned between the upper block and the tapered shaft of the leg. The Electra leg is a highly shaped square leg that is composed of a metal element positioned between the upper block and the lower shaft of the leg. The leg finishes with a second metal element that serves as the foot.


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