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Cam-less, Clampless, SIMPLE Connections!

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Cam-less, Clampless, SIMPLE Connections!

Published: 09/05/2016

» Cabinets
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» Gluing and Assembly Equipment

It’s evolution.

FastenLink is the logical conclusion to thousands of years of joinery efforts. Since the discovery of glue, woodworkers have been trying to find the perfect way to join parts together. Dowels, biscuits, bolts and cams have paved the way. Now, perfection has finally arrived.

The one-piece FastenLink connector slides into a ramped pocket and… you’re done!

Installed using standard CNC routing and horizontal boring machines, FastenLink delivers a simple and rapid manufacturing solution. The patent pending connector system leaves no visible hardware, providing the ultimate finishing touch to assembly.

The genius of the connector lies in its unique shape, which allows a woodshop to build boxes without clamps and still provide customers with glued, permanent, strong joinery. The plastic design brings extra strength to the equation, and the groove in the tip of the dowel creates a shoulder that simply slides into place. The tapered groove cut into the wood guides the FastenLink connector until it clicks into the locked position, seamlessly joining parts together.

FastenLink replaces wooden dowels with a superior solution while eliminating the need for cams, screws or pneumatic nails and staples. And for shops that ship RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets, the beauty of FastenLink is that installers – or even consumers – can assemble the end products with no more tools than a glue bottle and a rubber mallet. Gone is that dreaded bag of fasteners and incomprehensible instructions that were written overseas. The customer simply lines up the pre-inserted FastenLink dowels so they pop into the holes, and then snaps the product together.

Now, that’s evolution.

And for woodshops, it’s also revolutionary. Manufacturing with Fastenlink is an easy retrofit, because it only requires the use of standard machinery. The ramped pocket can be milled on a CNC router – rail and pod, flatbed or feed-through. And you can replace wooden dowels for the boring machine with Fastenlinks.

Try it, and you will never again manually insert hardware.


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