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Complete Stain Solutions: AcromaPro AccuStain Stain System

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Complete Stain Solutions: AcromaPro AccuStain Stain System

Published: 11/07/2016

» Cabinets
» Finishing Materials Equipment and Supplies
» Gluing and Assembly Equipment
» Millwork, Flooring and Stairs
» Veneers and Edge Banding

AcromaPro™ is committed to improving its customers’ competitiveness by developing products and techniques geared to their needs. That’s why we’ve developed the AccuStain™ solvent-based stain system and Accustain Spray Stain.



How much would it mean to your company to have a stain system formula with more vivid color options but a shorter time span to achieve color consistency? With fewer steps to arrive at the correct color, and by eliminating the need to "match" colors you have already developed, you and your customers will save time and increase productivity with the new AcromaPro™ AccuStain™ Solvent-Based Stain System.


Our AccuStain product is designed from the ground up to be your complete stain solution. This innovative system provides cleaner colors, higher pigmentation, excellent clarity and improved uniformity. Plus, resistance to hard settling will deliver improved consistency and package stability in your shop.


The AccuStain program is fully integrated with an extensive online resource for color formulas. A comprehensive stain library is at your fingertips, with color trends updated annually. We make it easier than ever to deliver the custom looks that are in demand.


Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent batch to batch color consistency
  • Deeper, richer, cleaner colors
  • Enhanced resistance to hard settling for improved package stability
  • Wider range of custom colors
  • No reportable HAPs as packaged
  • Stain library with color trends updated annually


The Accustain Spray Stain

When it comes to staining interior wood products, color consistency is key. For example, kitchen cabinet components that don’t match lead to costly rework, wasting time and cutting into profit margins. 


The Accustain Spray Stain offers manufacturers of kitchen cabinets, furniture and wood building products a spray (no wipe), high production alternative to traditional wipe stains for application on interior bare wood. In comparison to traditional stain application methods, Accustain Spray Stain can significantly reduce time in your application process, thus boosting your operation efficiency and providing a custom spray stain appearance.


It utilizes 16 high-strength colorants in high production, solvent bases that provide clean, vibrant color and improved settling characteristics. And it offers fast, repeatable color matching with tight tolerances.


Offering the same broad palette of rich, durable colors as the original Accustain System, and with the same hard settle resistant pigments, the spray product achieves single-step application. Whether it’s the fast formula spray stain with less penetration and a softer appearance or a slow blend formula for deeper penetration and enhanced grain definition, Accustain Spray Stain has got you covered.


Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent color clarify
  • Single-step application
  • Reduces handling time and rag waste
  • Increases line efficiency and throughput
  • Achieves an appealing appearance
  • Provides a new method better suited to showcasing the color and shade
  • Adaptable to customer shop conditions and desired product appearance


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