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Custom Color at Your Fingertips:

Custom Color at Your Fingertips:

Published: 11/01/2018

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Introducing a new color delivery solution from AcromaPro®


Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to create custom colors for your customers? Because speed and precision mean everything when it comes to your bottom line, the new AcromaPro® XP system is the perfect solution for fast and precise color delivery. This program provides repeatable and accurate color through automated dispensing that can be installed onsite at your location. In an industry has been demanding custom colors that can be created quickly, consistently and efficiently, AcromaPro XP is the tintable solution that delivers.


The program expands your color palette by offering access to thousands of pre-matched colors, and it encompasses every step of color delivery. First, the user scans any color with the ColorReaderPRO™ handheld spectrophotometer to find the closest color match. Integration with dispensing equipment makes that color a reality, taking it from inspiration to tinted product within a matter of minutes.  Plus, integration with the Aurora Color System, a comprehensive online solution that ensures color consistency across locations, allows for easy formula saving and sharing. Predictable, accurate custom colors have never been more accessible than with the AcromaPro XP system.

Matador™ Plus Post-Catalyzed Pigmented Conversion Varnish bases are compatible with the AcromaPro XP system, are tightly controlled for batch-to-batch consistency and, when paired with the dispensing equipment, allow the flexibility for tinting batches quickly on-demand. OptiColor® XP Colorants are high -performing industrial colorants that offer more options for greater color space within the Industrial Wood pigmented coatings market.

The flexibility of the AcromaPro XP color delivery system also means less material waste, making it perfect for those who are looking for accurate smaller-batch color matches, reduced turn-around time and access to a full spectrum of colors.

To learn more about the AcromaPro XP program and how it can help you take custom color offering to the next level, please call 1-888-277-1448 or visit