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Faster biscuit and Domino™ joinery

Faster biscuit and Domino™ joinery

Published: 03/07/2016

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Located in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, Versidex, LLC is a fixture manufacturing company known for attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. Two new compact units will soon be joining its flagship product, the Versidex MEGA-ncw. Both were designed to make life easier and more accurate for casework builders. The new MINI31, like the bigger MEGA, will accommodate mortising of the front edges of most kitchen cabinet bases and typical uppers, to accept face frames. The MINI25, like the other two, accommodates the structural joints of any cabinet up to 24" deep.


The original full-size MEGA is a nicely appointed, sleek, artful, and mobile biscuit joinery indexing fixture. Decidedly low-tech, but very well thought out, it will operate trouble-free, with great accuracy, for many years. In the unlikely event that it ever needs repairs, parts are inexpensive and easy to replace. The machine can save time, errors, and aggravation in biscuit or Domino™ joinery.


The MINI31 and the MINI25 use the same components and systems of the MEGA, but reduce the initial investment by shortening the platform depth by half, eliminating a mobile base and the inflexion/convexity platform adjustor (which can still be purchased as an accessory at any time).


When a woodshop’s new MINI arrives, the crew will need to secure it to a worktop and supply it with air, vacuum, and out-feed support. The operator will also need to decide how to allow for likely platform inflexion and convexity adjustments, whether by purchasing the accessory or by creating their own set-up in-house.


The MINI’s working platform is 23"long, where the larger MEGA’s is 44". An optional extension table can be purchased separately (the MINI’s platform is not pre-mortised for the attachment, whereas the MEGA’s is).


While smaller size means a lower price, it also means that the various templates are only half the length of those on the MEGA (and also a bit narrower on the MINI25). Shipping costs are lower on the new units, and either one can be hung on the wall for storage by two people (after the I/C adjustor has been removed, if using that accessory).



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