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Light Up Your Plunge Routing

Experienced woodworkers understand that the quality of fine work is related to the amount of light being focused directly upon it. Micro Fence light rings are designed to do exactly that. They attach underneath the top of the router housing and ..

There's A Whole New World of Bench Clamps for Wood!

Clamping specialists at BESSEY® work in wood and metal clamping, and they’ve come up with a very cool new crossover accessory. An adaptor that drops into the standard 3/4" dog holes in a wooden workbench. This means that light duty metalworking ...

Superior Finishes Don’t Begin in the Booth

Superior Finishes Don’t Begin in the Booth. Superior prep is a job for an integrated system – a thoughtful, beautifully engineered one that considers everything from workstation fatigue to sanding patterns, and how to eliminate dust at its ....

An App for Choosing the Right Tooling

Combining excellent customer service with intelligent engineering has become a bit of a habit here. So it’s no surprise that Vortex Tool Company has developed an app to simplify tool selection. It’s very user-friendly: just type in the type of mater

Making MORE Perfect Cuts

Published: 07/11/2016 in Accessories

Making MORE Perfect Cuts

When it comes to cutting MDF & hardwoods, not many people know more than Tom Walz CEO of Carbide Processors Inc., creator of The World’s Best™ custom made saw blades. Carbide Processors, an independent manufacturing company since 1981 they know ...

It's About Time!

Published: 11/04/2015 in Accessories

It's About Time!

Are your woodshop – and your install crew – ready to go? Have you squeezed every last ounce of efficiency from your cutting stations? Time is money, and saving both can be the difference between breaking even, and breaking profit expectations.

Wireless Charging Is Here!

Published: 09/09/2015 in Accessories

Wireless Charging Is Here!

Talk about a great finishing touch!
Woodshops can now add the convenience of wire-free phone charging to casework and furniture! You only have to place a Qi-compatible device (cellphone, tablet) on a recessed inductive charging surface, and ......

The World’s Best table saw blade?

This line of blades is made for artisans, craftsmen and other sophisticated users who buy tools one at a time, and understand both the concept and value of custom design.” We had been perfecting the design for three decades and had immense faith ...

Machine Shop Precision for Woodshop Equipment

Micro Fence is now a complete milling system that works with more than sixty models of routers, laminate trimmers, circular saws and high-speed rotary tools. It begins with two core jigs that bring accuracy and simplicity to every job –

Powerful, Parallel Clamps Deliver the Ultimate Glue-up

No wonder woodworkers are calling them the new industry heavyweights. A single K Body REVO™ parallel bar clamp can exert up to 1,500 lbs of clamping force on a glue joint. That’s about the same as parking the rear axle of a half-ton pickup ....

Found 10 records