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It's About Time!

Published: 11/04/2015 in Accessories

It's About Time!

Are your woodshop – and your install crew – ready to go? Have you squeezed every last ounce of efficiency from your cutting stations? Time is money, and saving both can be the difference between breaking even, and breaking profit expectations.

Machine Shop Precision for Woodshop Equipment

Micro Fence is now a complete milling system that works with more than sixty models of routers, laminate trimmers, circular saws and high-speed rotary tools. It begins with two core jigs that bring accuracy and simplicity to every job –

Powerful, Parallel Clamps Deliver the Ultimate Glue-up

No wonder woodworkers are calling them the new industry heavyweights. A single K Body REVO™ parallel bar clamp can exert up to 1,500 lbs of clamping force on a glue joint. That’s about the same as parking the rear axle of a half-ton pickup ....

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