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Increase Profits by Outsourcing from the Right Supplier

Now the company has developed a new line of Assemble-On-Site (AOS) custom, frameless cabinet boxes that snap together in minutes using only a rubber mallet. This innovative product has revolutionized casework assembly and installation, making it ...

Nested Based Manufacturing Without Expensive Software

What if it were possible to do complex, true-shape nesting without the expense of complicated software? What if there was a way to create a complex program for nested sheets from lists of cabinet parts? In that case, expensive software would no ,,,,

Improve Production With Robotic Loading

Robotic loading and unloading significantly reduces CNC operator time and fatigue, and that’s precisely what the new Python XPR from CNC Factory is designed to do. It’s a complete CNC machining center, fed by a hydraulically assisted loading .....

Complete Stain Solutions: AcromaPro AccuStain Stain System

How much would it mean to your company to have a stain system formula with more vivid color options but a shorter time span to achieve color consistency? With fewer steps to arrive at the correct color, and by eliminating the need to "match" ...

Cam-less, Clampless, SIMPLE Connections!

FastenLink is the logical conclusion to thousands of years of joinery efforts. Since the discovery of glue, woodworkers have been trying to find the perfect way to join parts together. Dowels, biscuits, bolts and cams have paved the way. Now, ....

Before your next job starts, think about the finish.

The new Facts on Finishing Guide from AcromaPro™ is an essential tool for any woodshop. As new finishing techniques become available, it can be a challenge to understand the complex relationship between products, application methods and curing ....

SuperMax Tools Knows Sanding

Published: 09/05/2016 in Abrasives

SuperMax Tools Knows Sanding

It’s said the devil is in the details, and nowhere is that more evident than when putting the final touches on a woodworking project. Sanding has always been the most tedious part of woodworking but SuperMax Tools’ line of drum and brush sanders help

Faster biscuit and Domino™ joinery

Versidex, LLC is a fixture manufacturing company known for attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. Two new compact units will soon be joining its flagship product line. The first will accommodate mortising of the front edges of most kitchen ...

Your ‘Custom’ is their standard

Combining the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and customer service has been a formula of success for CCF Industries. “We don’t cut corners, we dovetail them!” There’s a lot of truth in that: CCF has become known for delivering on spec & .

Wireless Charging Is Here!

Published: 09/09/2015 in Accessories

Wireless Charging Is Here!

Talk about a great finishing touch!
Woodshops can now add the convenience of wire-free phone charging to casework and furniture! You only have to place a Qi-compatible device (cellphone, tablet) on a recessed inductive charging surface, and ......

Found 10 records