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Making Things Should Be Easy

Shaper Origin - Incredibly versatile, very affordable & surprisingly easy to use, this is the world’s first handheld CNC. It’s intuitive: your hands already know how it works. Anyone who can use a portable router & a cellphone has the skills required

Affordable, Powerful Cabinet Design Software

This suite of tools is designed specifically for small to medium sized cabinet shops. The most powerful & versatile tool in any shop is software. With the right software, everything happens efficiently, affordably & profitably. Flexible & affordable.

State-of-the Art Tools… and Support

Vortex' s award winning Tool Selection Guide app - that simplifies tool selection based on a woodshop’s cutting needs. Input material type, horsepower, tool diameter, thickness of material & type of cut - the app will recommend the best tooling

CNC Perfection in a Portable Hand Tool

CNC precision in a portable tool provides the confidence to make those complex cuts.The spindle is not fixed like the motor in a traditional plunge router: it can move independently allowing the tool to make continuous corrections while cutting.

The Best Built CNCs Build the Best Cabinets

Limtech Industries is located in North Carolina. Limtech's Asian factories design & build products from scratch the Limtech way, & the result is a perfect meeting of quality and cost. State-of-the-art engineering & support at reasonable prices.

Taking Automation to the Next Level

Industry 4.0
You’ve seen the term being used everywhere lately. But more importantly, what does it mean for you, and your business? Let’s take a step back, and work our way to the answer.

Woodshops Find All the Answers in One Place

Think about the advantages of dealing with one resource that supports sales, professional installation, customer care – with a tech support team that understands how these machines will work together ... CASTALY Industries does just that.

Thermo Foil Doesn’t Need To Be Complex

The entry-level FT 900 thermo-foil press, is anything but basic. Has a built-in tutorial on the touch screen that answers virtually any question & also supplies hints to simplify the process. And with a very large vacuum pump that is not found ....

U.S. Company Delivers the Perfect Cut

When materials are sawn, shaped or routed, a clean edge with zero tear-out is every shop’s goal. Vortex Tool Company, delivers exactly that. American owned & family operated, Vortex designs & manufactures a wide variety of standard & custom high ...

Perfect Solutions for Every Size Shop

The Felder family has guided their company’s growth to worldwide prominence while establishing a name that is synonymous with quality. For over sixty years, Felder has been a beacon leading the way for everyone from one-man shops to ....

Found 18 records | Showing page 1 of 2 pages | next page