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Lockdowel Automatic Inserter With Auto Loading

Cabinet shops looking to automate Lockdowel clip insertion have a revolutionary new option available. The machine allows either one or two woodworkers to handle up to four workstations, dramatically increasing the rate ......

Accuride Provides That ‘Finishing Touch’

There are few features as important to woodworkers as great design and versatility. Accuride movement solutions provide that optimal combination. Their slides have allowed woodworkers to bring movement to the most unique and creative designs with ...

Increase Profits by Outsourcing from the Right Supplier

Now the company has developed a new line of Assemble-On-Site (AOS) custom, frameless cabinet boxes that snap together in minutes using only a rubber mallet. This innovative product has revolutionized casework assembly and installation, making it ...

Cut Crown On Site - - - - - - - - - - - - With Absolute Precision!

Cut Crown On Site - With Absolute Precision! TigerStop reduces this challenging jobsite task to a few very simple, logical steps. Their system does the calculating for us, and the results are impressive. Even a new crewmember can consistently ....

Your ‘Custom’ is their standard

Combining the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and customer service has been a formula of success for CCF Industries. “We don’t cut corners, we dovetail them!” There’s a lot of truth in that: CCF has become known for delivering on spec & .

Inlays Are A Great Finishing Touch

Epilog Laser is marrying 21st century technology to the ancient art of inlays, and the results are simply astounding. What once took days can now be completed in just a few minutes, and the laser is so accurate that the quality of cut surpasses even

Wireless Charging Is Here!

Published: 09/09/2015 in Accessories

Wireless Charging Is Here!

Talk about a great finishing touch!
Woodshops can now add the convenience of wire-free phone charging to casework and furniture! You only have to place a Qi-compatible device (cellphone, tablet) on a recessed inductive charging surface, and ......

Found 7 records