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Cam-less, Clampless, SIMPLE Connections!

FastenLink is the logical conclusion to thousands of years of joinery efforts. Since the discovery of glue, woodworkers have been trying to find the perfect way to join parts together. Dowels, biscuits, bolts and cams have paved the way. Now, ....

Faster biscuit and Domino™ joinery

Versidex, LLC is a fixture manufacturing company known for attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. Two new compact units will soon be joining its flagship product line. The first will accommodate mortising of the front edges of most kitchen ...

SENCO Makes Hard Work Easier

Senco’s unique, new 21-gauge pneumatic finish nailer, the FinishPro 21LXP, is the perfect tool for finer detail work without compromising 18-gauge performance. Two new 23-gauge pneumatic micro pinners, have numerous features that contribute to ...

Found 3 records