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Instantly Improve Your Dust Collection

A high quality finish is the most visible evidence that a woodshop is making the best cabinets & furniture, and that always begins with dust control. A properly functioning collector will both scrub the air clean & also remove waste from parts as ...

Complete Stain Solutions: AcromaPro AccuStain Stain System

How much would it mean to your company to have a stain system formula with more vivid color options but a shorter time span to achieve color consistency? With fewer steps to arrive at the correct color, and by eliminating the need to "match" ...

Superior Finishes Don’t Begin in the Booth

Superior Finishes Don’t Begin in the Booth. Superior prep is a job for an integrated system – a thoughtful, beautifully engineered one that considers everything from workstation fatigue to sanding patterns, and how to eliminate dust at its ....

Big Shop Technology for Any Size Woodshop

Not getting the most out of your dust collector?
Custom filter bag manufacturer American Fabric Filter Co. has been working with woodshops of every size for the past two decades, and has proven over and over again that most existing systems can ...

Before your next job starts, think about the finish.

The new Facts on Finishing Guide from AcromaPro™ is an essential tool for any woodshop. As new finishing techniques become available, it can be a challenge to understand the complex relationship between products, application methods and curing ....

SuperMax Tools Knows Sanding

Published: 09/05/2016 in Abrasives

SuperMax Tools Knows Sanding

It’s said the devil is in the details, and nowhere is that more evident than when putting the final touches on a woodworking project. Sanding has always been the most tedious part of woodworking but SuperMax Tools’ line of drum and brush sanders help

Found 6 records