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Re-Tool with GearKlamp

Published: 10/30/2019 in Accessories

Re-Tool with GearKlamp

Up until now, bar clamps have operated by rotating a handle that was attached to the bottom of the lower jaw. GearKlamp has moved the action to the main bar, so it’s offset. The GearKlamp delivers 450 lbs. of clamping force right where you need it.

BCA Will Change the Way You Finish

BCA cutting edge, patent-pending cure chemistry. BCA characteristics exceed expectations in terms of surface hardness, resistance to abrasion, yellowing caused by light, and stains caused by liquids. Providing very fast drying times & long pot life.

Look No Further for That Final Touch - in slides

A new family of innovative solutions for commercial-grade woodwork–the 3135EC and 3160EC drawer Slides. 3135EC supports drawers from 12” to 28” and 15" and 21". The 3160EC slide supports drawers from 31” to 40” wide with option to 60” wide! 

Woodshops Find All the Answers in One Place

Think about the advantages of dealing with one resource that supports sales, professional installation, customer care – with a tech support team that understands how these machines will work together ... CASTALY Industries does just that.

Geared Clamp Delivers In Tight Spaces

Gears are designed to create a mechanical advantage, & GearKlamp does so in an ingenious & incredibly useful way. Designers have discovered how to exert up to 450 lbs. of clamping force in a compact clamp that fits into confined spaces. Think of ...

A Full Range Of Machines

Castaly Machine offers a wide range of top-quality, reasonably priced options for woodshops of any size. A sampling would include, CNC routers, edge banders, rip saws, band saws, table & panel saws, moulders, wide-belt sanders, planers & so much more

Re-Tooling Custom Software with Confidence

Re-Tooling Custom Software with Confidence - From 3D Design to CNC, with Free Ultimate Tech Support. Cabinet & closet software needs to make a woodworker's job faster, easier & less stressful. If it doesn’t, it’s time to retool. Fast, accurate and ..

Re-Tool with New IBeam Clamps

When updating a woodshop's assembly process, everything depends on the clamps. The demanding requirements of industrial workloads require a clamp with minimal flex that can apply a heavy dose of clamping force to close the gaps on today's larger ...

There's A Whole New World of Bench Clamps for Wood!

Clamping specialists at BESSEY® work in wood and metal clamping, and they’ve come up with a very cool new crossover accessory. An adaptor that drops into the standard 3/4" dog holes in a wooden workbench. This means that light duty metalworking ...

Found 9 records