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Increase Profits by Outsourcing from the Right Supplier

Now the company has developed a new line of Assemble-On-Site (AOS) custom, frameless cabinet boxes that snap together in minutes using only a rubber mallet. This innovative product has revolutionized casework assembly and installation, making it ...

Re-Tool with New IBeam Clamps

When updating a woodshop's assembly process, everything depends on the clamps. The demanding requirements of industrial workloads require a clamp with minimal flex that can apply a heavy dose of clamping force to close the gaps on today's larger ...

No matter how large or small the job, TigerStop makes the Perfect Cut!

On the jobsite when a woodworker is installing cabinets or trim, the fit and finish are paramount. After building a superb kitchen, one wouldn’t want the customer to zone in on a slightly imprecise crown molding miter, or a tiny gap in the....

Cut Crown On Site - - - - - - - - - - - - With Absolute Precision!

Cut Crown On Site - With Absolute Precision! TigerStop reduces this challenging jobsite task to a few very simple, logical steps. Their system does the calculating for us, and the results are impressive. Even a new crewmember can consistently ....

Portable, Powerful, Perfect!

Published: 05/09/2016 in Job Site

Portable, Powerful, Perfect!

Portable, Powerful, Perfect! Festool. The word just grabs a craftsman’s attention. It implies unimpeachable quality – a marriage of great engineering and artful problem solving. When it comes to the jobsite, Festool’s ENTIRE product line is ...

It's About Time!

Published: 11/04/2015 in Accessories

It's About Time!

Are your woodshop – and your install crew – ready to go? Have you squeezed every last ounce of efficiency from your cutting stations? Time is money, and saving both can be the difference between breaking even, and breaking profit expectations.

Found 6 records