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Light Up Your Plunge Routing

Experienced woodworkers understand that the quality of fine work is related to the amount of light being focused directly upon it. Micro Fence light rings are designed to do exactly that. They attach underneath the top of the router housing and ..

Instantly Improve Your Dust Collection

A high quality finish is the most visible evidence that a woodshop is making the best cabinets & furniture, and that always begins with dust control. A properly functioning collector will both scrub the air clean & also remove waste from parts as ...

NEXTech Machinery: Affordable, High Quality Machines

Woodworkers looking to automate their process and upgrade milling, sawing, sanding and edge banding quality turn to NEXTech Machinery. 'Support' is absolutely critical to NEXTech the team offers vast expertise in optimizing production floors by ....

Is this the best-kept secret in lubricants?

Thousands of woodworkers across America have turned to SLIPIT as their lubricant of choice. Because the company offers two very distinct families of products that are ideally suited to woodshop challenges. SLIPIT can ease things along in a woodshop

Improve Production With Robotic Loading

Robotic loading and unloading significantly reduces CNC operator time and fatigue, and that’s precisely what the new Python XPR from CNC Factory is designed to do. It’s a complete CNC machining center, fed by a hydraulically assisted loading .....

Big Shop Technology for Any Size Woodshop

Not getting the most out of your dust collector?
Custom filter bag manufacturer American Fabric Filter Co. has been working with woodshops of every size for the past two decades, and has proven over and over again that most existing systems can ...

SuperMax Tools Knows Sanding

Published: 09/05/2016 in Abrasives

SuperMax Tools Knows Sanding

It’s said the devil is in the details, and nowhere is that more evident than when putting the final touches on a woodworking project. Sanding has always been the most tedious part of woodworking but SuperMax Tools’ line of drum and brush sanders help

No matter how large or small the job, TigerStop makes the Perfect Cut!

On the jobsite when a woodworker is installing cabinets or trim, the fit and finish are paramount. After building a superb kitchen, one wouldn’t want the customer to zone in on a slightly imprecise crown molding miter, or a tiny gap in the....

New Drill Presses, Band Saws are User Friendly, Safe and Accurate

Woodshops upgrade tooling for many reasons – among them, to achieve better accuracy, increase ease of operation and enhance employee safety. A new line of drill presses from General International MFG Co. Ltd resoundingly meets all of those goals and.

It's About Time!

Published: 11/04/2015 in Accessories

It's About Time!

Are your woodshop – and your install crew – ready to go? Have you squeezed every last ounce of efficiency from your cutting stations? Time is money, and saving both can be the difference between breaking even, and breaking profit expectations.

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