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Improve Production With Robotic Loading

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Improve Production With Robotic Loading

Published: 11/07/2016

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Robotic loading and unloading significantly reduces CNC operator time and fatigue, and that’s precisely what the new Python XPR from CNC Factory is designed to do. It’s a complete CNC machining center, fed by a hydraulically assisted loading table that can accommodate up to forty sheets of ¾" stock. The table height adjusts automatically in response to the amount of material that has been loaded.


Production rates are significantly faster with robotic stocking than with manually fed machines, as the CNC router doesn’t need to be stopped between sheets. And because the Python XPR also includes robotic unloading, the time spent harvesting is also minimalized: the Python’s unloading arm will move parts to the unloading table and then automatically load a new sheet and begin cutting.


Completed parts move toward the user on an automatic conveyer, so the operator can stay in one spot during the entire unloading process and perform part separation and/or edge banding. The machine will begin cutting a new sheet of material as soon as the processed parts have been harvested. And again, this can be accomplished without the employee having to reach over the machine bed to lift and move parts, further reducing fatigue and avoiding any delay in CNC operations.


The Python also performs spoil board cleaning, which is a huge bonus for shops that are used to having to stop in mid-operation to clean up and remove debris between sheets. The Python does this automatically, and this built-in feature delivers continuous production, a cleaner environment and more free time for the operator to perform other tasks.


The Python is available as a stand-alone machine that can be operated in the traditional manner with manual loading and unloading. It will accept single piecework coordinates, and the loading and unloading tables can be removed and stored elsewhere while not being used.  This flexibility allows the Python to use a small footprint when not in full production mode, and be upgraded to a fully automatic work center when larger jobs call for it.


Built for production, this machine features state-of-the-art CNC robotic technology in its 12HP HSD spindle; 12-tool Rapid Rotary tool changer; 2,000 inches per minute of rapid travel; Delta direct helical rack and pinion servos; dual layer high-flow vacuum table; automatic positioning pins; and automatic dust collection channeling. The Python XPR includes posts for Cabinet Vision, KCD, Mozaik, 2020 and Autodesk, and is virtually compatible with any Cad/Cam program.  It can also be highly customized in terms of drill banks and table sizes.


CNC Factory, Inc., is an American manufacturer with locations in both Southern California and New Jersey.  The team has thirteen years of experience serving woodshops, and company president Chris Corrales owned and operated a cabinet shop for more than eighteen years. 


“Our machines, customer support and corporate values,” he says, “are built upon a personal knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that face woodshops and cabinet manufacturers. “


CNC Factory enjoys an industry-leading track record in customer service. For example, the new Python XPR carries with it the company’s impressive support package that is designed to keep customers up and running at full speed. Included as standard are a year of on-site service, pre-training at the factory, on-site installation and on-site training.  This combination of superior front- and back-end support is key to CNC Factory’s core values.


The Python XPR ships for $69,900, fully loaded with a 4' x 8' bed. Guaranteed Financing is available to the woodworking industry.  Designed to help you capture more opportunities in your current market, the new Python can also properly position your business for the future.





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