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Inlays Are A Great Finishing Touch

Inlays Are A Great Finishing Touch

Published: 09/14/2015

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Back when the sun never set on the British Empire, furniture from around the world arrived on England's shores. Much of it was from the mystical Orient, and many of the finest pieces featured exquisitely detailed inlays.


Epilog Laser is marrying 21st century technology to this ancient art, and the results are simply astounding. What once took days can now be completed in just a few minutes, and the laser is so accurate that the quality of cut surpasses that of the old masters.


Rather than having to build on generations of accumulated learning, the Epilog method of inlay has a very short learning curve. Using almost any Windows™ based graphics software, one sends a design to the laser to 'print'. The same file can be used to create both the pocket and the inlay, reducing centuries to mere minutes.


Just think how a small mother-of-pearl or exotic veneer inlay could enhance a custom cabinet door – or a whole kitchen of them! In these days of increased outsourcing, where more and more shops are buying standard factory-built doors and drawer fronts, lasered inlays can set your custom shop apart from the field. They add art to your craft. Plus, both the systems and the inlay materials are very affordable, when one considers the perceived added value that they deliver.


There are three ways to learn more about this process. One can go to the support tab on the Epilog website (the address is below), and enter the word 'inlay' in the search box on the Knowledge Base page. That will bring up a really detailed, beautifully illustrated article by Terry Beauchamp titled "How To Create Wood Veneer Inlays". One can also visit the video link below, and watch the process in action. Or a woodworker can contact an Epilog expert directly.


Inlays offer a superb finishing touch for a variety of projects, and now they have become easy to create with an Epilog laser system.



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