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Instantly Improve Your Dust Collection

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Instantly Improve Your Dust Collection

Published: 03/06/2017

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A high quality finish is the most visible evidence that a woodshop is making the best cabinets and furniture, and that always begins with dust control. A properly functioning collector will both scrub the air clean and also remove waste from parts as it is generated – everything from large chips to fine sanding residue. Superior debris removal also improves milling processes: it's essential that machines, and especially CNCs, are not being asked to cut the same material twice – once as a workpiece and the second time as accumulated sawdust that should have been removed.

Usually, the problem with inefficient dust control is not that woodshops have invested in the wrong collector: it's that the one-size-fits-all bags that manufacturers supply are not customized for the task. They're the wrong size, shape or filter for a specific environment.

For the past two decades, Florida based American Fabric Filter Company has been upgrading dust collection for woodshops all over the country, often with quite dramatic results. The company designs and fabricates optimized custom dust bags and sleeves to go on collectors – anything from a 1/3 HP drum top hobbyist unit to a 100+ HP factory bag house system. A small collector’s performance can often be substantially improved by increasing the filter area. But commercial shops may need larger filters with thicker fabrics, and AFF can custom design and manufacture these to take full advantage of the available suction and airflow. Bags can be made with hanging loops, inlets of any size, shape or location, skirts, belt loops and many more add-ins. Sometimes the engineers design extra 'sister' bags to get the proper airflow without back pressure.

So, is it time to improve your returns – and that means both the quality and volume of the air going back into the shop, and also the investment that you made in a dust collector?




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