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Light Up Your Plunge Routing

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Light Up Your Plunge Routing

Published: 03/21/2017

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Experienced woodworkers understand that the quality of fine work is related to the amount of light being focused directly upon it. Having a bright light shine down on the action is pure joy when running a router.


Micro Fence light rings are designed to do exactly that. They attach underneath the top of the housing and shine down on the bit, and the work area. In shops where overhead lighting is less than it could be, or when aging eyes don't see as well as they used to, these plunge base light rings are nothing less than heaven-sent. But even young eyes will welcome the advantages that Micro Fence's clear lighting brings to detailed routing. These little gems provide virtually shadow-free illumination, the likes of which you've never seen on a woodworking tool before. And the lights can be run off mains or battery, making them ideal for jobsite situations. If one needs to go cordless, just add the 9 Volt battery-powered option.


Superbly engineered, the two light rings are just the latest in a long line of products from noted woodworker Richard Wedler, who understands exactly what's needed: he has been making custom cabinets and furniture for over forty years. The first element in his Micro fence system, an edge-milling guide, was developed to address problems in straight-line and circular routing applications that Richard had to confront in his own commissioned work. He and his father Jack, a machinist and toolmaker for over sixty years, put their heads together and created that original Micro Fence® Edge-Guide. Since then, Rich has created a complete system that woodworkers all across the continent now rely upon to build casework and furniture at the highest level. The line includes the two plunge bases (one standard, one micro), circle and ellipse jigs, the incredibly accurate Micro Stop, some vacuum clamping equipment, and a host of other accessories – all of which are featured in the online catalog.


The Micro Fence system turns your hand-held router into the precision milling machine it's capable of being for straight-line, circular and elliptical applications. It provides woodworkers with micrometer-adjusted measuring capability that is usually found only in the machine tool world. The system can now be fitted to most models of routers, laminate trimmers and high-speed rotary tools.


Richard's goal has always been to build the highest quality and most useful tools possible, and these new lights fit perfectly within those parameters. Their objective is simply this: to bring the greatest degree of precision and control to your work.





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