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Making MORE Perfect Cuts

Published: 07/11/2016

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When it comes to cutting MDF and hardwoods, not many people know more than Tom Walz about the way that blades behave. Walz is the CEO of Carbide Processors Inc., a Tacoma, Wash. manufacturer that builds The World’s Best™ saw blades.


“In 1981,” he says, “Weyerhaeuser wanted better saws for their mills and we got a contract to help. For twenty-five years, we supplied advanced technology to the top end of the saw and tool industry. When the recession hit in 2007, we decided to help our customers – and ourselves – by selling those companies’ tools online. We used our long, successful relationship as a supplier to become their customer. Strangely enough it has worked well, and we now sell over 24,000 tools and offer custom tooling services.”


In addition to a wide catalog, Carbide Processors also used its years of research to develop a ceramic/metal hybrid saw tooth (called Cermet II) that cuts faster and lasts longer than any production carbide blade on the market. When it comes to making the perfect cut, Cermet II tipped blades deliver a better edge than standard carbide, and are more resistant to tip fracture. They’re also more heat resistant, allowing a woodworker to cut at faster feed rates without harming the blade or burning the wood. When it comes time to sharpen, they can be ground just like standard carbide blades: no special sharpening is needed.


Carbide Processors has been an independent manufacturing company since 1981, and has always maintained a strong commitment to research and development. Each of its World's Best™ saw blades is custom made to order. Current users include cabinet shops, lumber mills, trim carpenters, panel processing plants, furniture and fixture shops, and even some serious home hobbyists who simply cannot find a better performing saw blade anywhere else. Among them is the 37419C, a 10” crosscut blade with an ATB (alternate top bevel) and a 10-degree hook. With 60 teeth, a 1/8" Kerf and 5/8" arbor, it was developed for table and miter saws. Its super-finished teeth cleanly sever wood fibers, and its specially designed triple chip grind produces smooth, true surfaces for gluing. This is the ideal production blade for high-quality commercial crosscut applications.


Cermet II teeth are brazed to the steel saw plate with a high silver alloy that is about 50% silver. It’s expensive, but really worth it. Unlike other attachment methods, good brazing forms both a mechanical and a chemical bond between the carbide and the steel. That makes it much stronger than either steel or carbide alone. The superior braze acts like the suspension on a car, cushioning the hard carbide tool tip to protect it from chipping, breaking and excess wear.


Carbide Processors also supplies thin kerf blades (seven 10” models, five 12” ones and two each at 14” and 15”) and a good selection of combination and rip blades. The company’s glue line rip saw blades, for example, include 250 mm and 305 mm options. There is also a 12”, 36-tooth model that includes a keyway and has a triple chip grind and a 22° hook. Designed for gang ripping, it’s highly recommended for hardwoods.


Along with custom made saw blades, Carbide Processors Inc. offers a huge selection of precision cutting router bits made by Whiteside, Vortex and Southeast Tool. The company is so confident in the products it sells – and the custom blades and tools it makes – that every item is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And for a limited time the company is offering $15 off your first order when you use coupon code “wood15”. Visit the website (below) to take advantage of this special offer!  And keep in mind that Cermet II technology makes the perfect cut, every time, for a long, long time.


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