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Nested Based Manufacturing Without Expensive Software

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Nested Based Manufacturing Without Expensive Software

Published: 11/17/2016

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What if it were possible to do complex, true-shape nesting without the expense of complicated software?


Nesting, or ‘nested based manufacturing’ with CNC routers is a process where a vacuum pulls through raw MDF boards to hold down flat sheets of wood or plastic stock. Mechanically, the process is pretty simple. But woodshops that have researched the technical aspects have discovered that it’s not all that simple to produce the complex programs that cut these nested sheets.


Larger cabinet and furniture manufacturers have the resources to buy more expensive software that automates the programming process for nesting on a CNC router. But what about smaller shops…


What if there was a way to create a complex program for nested sheets from lists of cabinet parts? In that case, expensive software would no longer be a significant reason for a woodshop not to invest in a CNC router.


As a result of some serious co-operation between the engineers and the software development team at Duluth, Ga. based Casadei Busellato, the company can offer a more simple approach to this complex programming problem. Each Busellato CNC router now comes with a software package that allows the programmer to simply list his/her cabinet parts, with the quantities required, and the software will then create the nesting. It will then run each program on the machine until all the parts on the list have been completed. One can see a Busellato Jet Optima RT auto unloading work cell doing this by clicking on the video link below.


This solution doesn’t compete with popular cabinet design software programs, but is rather an opportunity for smaller companies to buy the machinery for automation well before cabinet design software or CAD/CAM software becomes necessary. Design software automates the building of lists, and also eliminates guesswork for larger production shops. But at a critical time in small cabinet shops, woodworkers can now buy factory automation equipment that reduces direct labor without the need for expensive software.



To better understand nested based manufacturing and CNC routers contact the North American product manager for Busellato directly


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