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New Drill Presses, Band Saws are User Friendly, Safe and Accurate

New Drill Presses, Band Saws are User Friendly, Safe and Accurate

Published: 11/04/2015

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Woodshops upgrade tooling for many reasons – among them, to achieve better accuracy, increase ease of operation and enhance employee safety. A new line of drill presses from General International MFG Co. Ltd resoundingly meets all of those goals. The presses include a 12" bench-top model plus a 15", two 17" and one 20" floor models. To change speeds, the user simply turns on the machine and then moves the speed control lever until the desired RPM appears on a digital speed display. One of the 17" models has electronic inverter variable control, where a small knob adjusts the spindle speed from 120 to 3200 rpm.


Each drill press comes with an innovative, see-through, flip-up chuck guard that quickly extends to house the chuck, and most bits. All of the models come with a forced line interrupter switch, which requires a machine restart in case of power failure or circuit interruption. And all five models have an adjustable spindle-tension return spring, which makes quick work of repetitive drilling. They are also set up with easy-to-adjust, dual depth stops, and a built-in laser pointer adds accuracy and repeatability. The presses have a cast-iron head, base, and table, and are equipped with high-quality bearings for smooth, vibration-free operation.


General International has also introduced three new band saws expressly designed for smaller woodshops. The 10" model 90-030 (1/3 HP) and 12" model 90-040 (2/3 HP) come with easy-to-assemble open-base steel stands, and the 14" model 90-120 (1 HP) has a sturdy closed base. All three models have welded steel frames and precision balanced wheels with replaceable tires. And all three come with two cutting speeds, for excellent results in either hard or soft woods. There's also a lockout switch with a removable key, to prevent unauthorized use.


The 90-030 comes with a slide-out extension table, a miter gauge with an auxiliary crosscut fence and a gooseneck work-light. In addition, the 90-040 has easy-to-adjust European style precision blade guide bearings, and a deluxe dual-position rip fence. And the 90-120 comes with an extra-large (21-1/2" x 15-3/4") cast-iron table, ideal for working on cabinet parts.



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