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NEXTech Machinery: Affordable, High Quality Machines

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NEXTech Machinery: Affordable, High Quality Machines

Published: 03/06/2017

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Woodworkers looking to automate their process and upgrade milling, sawing, sanding and edge banding quality turn to NEXTech Machinery. The company, located near Charlotte, N.C, is dedicated to helping woodworkers add flexibility and automation to their workflow with solidly constructed, affordable industrial CNC routers, edgebanders, sanders and panel saws.


'Support' is absolutely critical to NEXTech, led by woodworking industry veterans. The team offers vast expertise in optimizing production floors by recommending the best equipment to meet company goals. Attentive support including parts, service and personalized technical support are delivered from NEXTech’s headquarters.


“NEXTech’s machine and service quality are second to none,” says Arch Adams, owner of FunSpot Trampolines in Hartwell, Ga. “They actively assist us in making the highest use of our new R200 48 CNC router, and have never left us to reinvent the wheel. NEXTech’s superb support equips us to expand our product line and grow our business. We are so pleased; we have already ordered an R300 50 DC with a C-axis. ”


NEXTech consistently goes above and beyond industry standards in terms of design, quality, price and service. More than 1,800 units a year are produced including affordable flat table CNC routers to models with automatic infeed and offloading, automatic and manual label printing in customized sizes and configurations. The lineup includes five-axis moving table or gantry formats, flexible Pod & Rail routers, and space-saving verticals. Each machine features “best in class” components.


NEXTech also offers a complete range of wide belt sanders. The affordable, entry-level S37-C is a single combination head machine with a maximum working width of 37.4". Next up, the S43-RC offers two sanding heads that can handle work up to 39" wide. And two versions of the top-of-the-line, three head S52 accommodate parts up to 51" and come in a number of configurations.  The S52-RRC, features three sanding heads to provide maximum production flexibility. Set-up on this machine is simplified thanks to a numerical control pad with a pre-set function that controls table height, and a digital display of board thickness. The robustly configured PS52-PRC planer sander, with a precise steel helical planer head, weighs 14,000 pounds and provides the perfect base for a quality finish.

NEXTech edgebanders are built with a heavy base construction to prevent vibration and tedious resetting evident in lighter weight machines. Ranging from the EB200 Series to the sophisticated EB400 Series, they are simple to operate without finicky gimmicks. The EB200 possesses many features found in higher-end models, allowing smaller shops to enjoy first-class results and competitive superiority.


The EB300 Series is a heavy-duty, simple-to-operate edgebander that is scalable, allowing the addition of pre-milling machining units, top and bottom trimming units and scraping units, as well as precision horizontal and/or vertical grooving. The EB400 series includes a corner rounding unit with two motors and simple, straightforward operation. It brings production flexibility with its optional precision grooving, pre-milling, trimming stations and other units.


Tim Brown Construction LLC. in Pagosa Springs, Colo. runs two machines from NEXTech – an EB300 PTS edge-bander with pre-mill, and an R400 48ACD CNC router with automatic loading and unloading.


 “I can’t say enough positive,” Tim says. “I met them at the IWF show in Atlanta, and honestly, I was there to buy a different product. I just kept coming back to their booth. The CNC was so affordable, even though it had all the same HSD motors and other parts that the other machine had. Their technician was here right away for set-up, and they are honestly concerned about us, even though we haven’t had a single problem with the machine. It has been a really pleasant experience.”



NEXTech invites woodworkers interested in affordably increasing production levels and the quality of their components in 2017, to contact them to set up a one-hour, no obligation consultation with one of the company’s in-house manufacturing consultants. Woodworkers can visit NEXTech to demo five CNC routers, edgebanders and sanders. Contact NEXTech for details.




Phone:             (704) 307-2670