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No matter how large or small the job, TigerStop makes the Perfect Cut!

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No matter how large or small the job, TigerStop makes the Perfect Cut!

Published: 07/11/2016

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The perfect cut can mean different things in different circumstances.


On the jobsite when a woodworker is installing cabinets or trim, the fit and finish are paramount. After building a superb kitchen, one wouldn’t want the customer to zone in on a slightly imprecise crown molding miter, or a tiny gap in the toe-kick. Being able to dial in and cut to precise lengths and angle measurements is critical, and that’s where SawGear® comes in. Developed by Vancouver, Wash. based TigerStop, SawGear is a simple and intuitive automated stop that eliminates the need for a tape measure, or for setting manual stops. It allows an installer to produce parts faster, and do so with incredible accuracy. SawGear attaches quickly and easily to an existing miter saw or drill press, and it’s incredibly easy to pop in the truck and take to the jobsite. Crown+MiterPro™ software comes with SawGear, and will calculate angles and lengths so the user doesn’t have to do complicated arithmetic.


In small shops, the perfect cut means bringing automation to what has always been a time-consuming and often inaccurate task – setting up and moving manual stops. Simply dial a dimension into the SawGear pad, and even a rookie can turn out perfect-length stiles and rails all day long. The learning curve is minutes, not months, and the waste factor virtually disappears.


For medium-sized shops, the perfect cut means being able to choose the level of automation. Here, the original TigerStop® can increase speed and accuracy immediately, and then provide room to grow as the business does. Over time, the TigerStop system means a shop can add label printing, optimizing, the ability to download cut bills, and even install a touchscreen interface called TigerTouch™.


In larger environments, the perfect cut means dramatically reducing both time and materials costs, using a fully automated push-feed and defect optimizing system. This isn’t add-on automation: the TigerSaw 1000 is a fully integrated, stand-alone, automated saw system that does scanning and defecting, plus inkjet printing on parts. TigerSaw 1000 works around defects using Dynamic Optimization software, which gives a production run the maximum possible yield while cutting only what is needed. The system scans and cuts defects using fluorescent crayon marks on the material. Or it can be configured to cut on the mark for applications such as flooring or finger jointing. The ability to optimize around defects lets a shop buy a less expensive grade of hardwood. That can mean big savings in material costs. And the ability to print on a part means that an operator can inventory, track and organize components, and also ensure they are oriented and/or assembled correctly down the line.


Crosscutting in larger shops is only half the defecting solution. When processing large volumes of raw product, a shop also needs to be able to rip efficiently. Adding a TigerRip 1000 automated ripping station lets a shop cut all the lineal footage it needs in-house, including square footage for panels. Yield soars because there are no more over-cuts and wasted materials. TigerRip 1000 brings unprecedented precision and lean manufacturing practices to a shop’s rough mill needs. Using TigerStop's Dynamic Optimization algorithms, TigerRip 1000 mathematically finds the best use of raw stock and keeps track of all the material ripped. This allows a shop to build to order without having to keep a buffer inventory – and that saves inventory costs, physical space and wasted labor.


With large output and multiple machines, woodshops need superior quality control and for this TigerStop has developed TigerSPC calipers to easily make critical measurements. Once attached to the TigerStop table system, the calipers can measure material up to 16 feet long and is accurate to +/- 006 in (.15mm).


No matter how small or large the shop or the job, TigerStop has an accurate and efficient solution for getting the perfect cut every time.


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