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Powerful, Parallel Clamps Deliver the Ultimate Glue-up

Powerful, Parallel Clamps Deliver the Ultimate Glue-up

Published: 03/09/2015

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No wonder woodworkers are calling them the new industry heavyweights. A single K Body REVO™ parallel bar clamp can exert up to 1,500 lbs of clamping force on a glue joint. That’s about the same as parking the rear axle of a half-ton pickup on the assembly!


But the K Body REVO isn’t just immensely powerful – it’s also accurate. Talk about parallel parking! The 3¾" deep jaws stay perfectly true in the correct plane, even under extreme tension – not a big surprise as BESSEY Tools North America actually invented the parallel clamp category in the late 1970s.


Delivering all that pressure has never been so ergonomical, thanks to a superb quality composite handle with a soft plastic insert. It’s a real boon for woodworkers with a touch of arthritis. Three large pressure caps on the K Body REVO jaws can be removed for cleaning, but you won’t have to do that very often as they are resistant to glue, paint and solvents. And each clamp also comes with a couple of rail protectors designed to help prevent glue dripping on the steel – a simple but brilliant solution that woodshops have needed for a long, long time. Those rails come from BESSEY’s own precision steel mills in Europe, and the clamps are assembled in Leroy, New York.


The end-clip on these clamps is removable when you need to reverse the sliding arm for use as spreader. Clamps can be connected together for extended reach, too. Other options include pivoting jaws, and KP Blocks that transform the clamps into a jig for gluing up raised panel doors.


BESSEY has also introduced the REVO JR (which has about the same strength as other non-BESSEY parallel clamps, but at a much better price), and the VARIO REVO. On the latter, both jaws can be moved at the push of a button, so you can add parts, extend the reach, or even handle multiple glue ups simultaneously.



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