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Re-Tooling Custom Software with Confidence

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Re-Tooling Custom Software with Confidence

Published: 11/14/2017

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From 3D Design to CNC, with Free Ultimate Tech Support 


Cabinet and closet software needs to make a woodworker's job faster, easier and less stressful. If it doesn’t, it’s time to retool.

Fast, accurate and efficient software for designing, pricing, cut-lists and CNC manufacturing will save a woodshop thousands of dollars annually. Now, some people feel heavily invested in their current software – and running a hands-on custom cabinet shop is challenging enough without taking on something new. But what if the risk was only $95? What if that’s all it takes to see whether different software is a better fit ? And whether it works faster to quickly design, lay out and customize kitchens, baths, closets, entertainment centers and more; or easily make changes; or offer variations on door styles, colors, textures, materials, handles, hinges, countertops, accents and more; or generate floor plans and elevations, and present beautiful, realistic 3D images of designs to clients…

KCD helps jobs run smoothly, and ties everything together without stress or complications. Yes, moving into new software can be daunting. And often it’s the smallest things that slow down the process and make it frustrating. That’s why it’s so important to have someone to talk with. Free, live support is absolutely essential, and great learning tools from KCD Software make getting started quick and easy.

KCD Software and the Development Team have been recognized by the Adex Award for Woodworking Design and the Sequioa Award for Innovation in Software Productivity for outstanding product development. The software works exceptionally well for creating custom designs direct to pricing, Cabinotch  and parts lists. Plus, the whole program can be run on a Surface Pro tablet for maximum portability. KCD has amazing depth and versatility when a designer wants it. It’s a solid choice for creating framed and frameless cabinetry, commercial and residential work, and cabinets and closets. It's also refreshingly simple and allows designers to embrace creative freedom. Plus the team on the shop floor can relax, knowing that everything is set up for smooth production. KCD partners with hundreds of CNC companies to support the largest selection of equipment and tools for unique design and manufacturing needs. Woodshops experience more choices for customized production with their favorite optimization software, table saws, panel saws, beam saws, table routers, and other specialized CNC equipment.

From design to manufacturing, the most efficient woodshops go with KCD Software.


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