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Superior Finishes Don’t Begin in the Booth

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Superior Finishes Don’t Begin in the Booth

Published: 09/05/2016

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As any craftsman knows, jobs need to be perfectly sanded and dust-free before sealing and top coating. Superior prep is a job for an integrated system – a thoughtful, beautifully engineered one that considers everything from workstation fatigue to sanding patterns, and how to eliminate dust at its source.

That’s a job for Festool.

The company engineers and builds the highest quality portable sanders in the industry, and backs them with a three-year limited warranty. Festool offers a dozen finish sander options in pads ranging from 3-1/2" to 6" diameters. And there are also some detailers with delta-shaped pads that make quick work of inside corners and other challenges.


Festool’s family of Rotex tools can operate in several modes, making them arguably the most versatile sanders on the planet. With the flip of a switch a woodworker can go from gear-driven aggressive stock removal to random-orbit, silky smooth, vibration-free finish sanding – or even polishing. On some models, the round pad can be switched to a delta-shaped detailer in seconds (no tools required), allowing furniture builders and refinishers to prep in some of the tightest corners. Other sanders are equipped with Festool’s renowned EC-TEC® brushless motor, specifically designed to deliver long-life and low-vibration. These units can sand all day through multiple shifts with low user fatigue, and that translates into fewer mistakes and higher production. These brushless motors provide constant, powerful performance in low profile, ergonomical housings.


All of Festool’s finish sanders integrate seamlessly and systematically into the company’s extraordinarily efficient dust extraction options – six HEPA dust extractors that run from a totally totable 0.9 gallons in the jobsite-friendly CT SYS, to the rugged and hefty CT 48 with a full 12.7 gallon capacity. They’re triggered by the tool, connect in seconds, run quieter, and keep the motor completely separated from the dust.


Removing dust when and where it’s created not only means that the workpiece is far cleaner when it gets to the spray booth, but the worker is also much more protected. By using Festool’s integrated system, fine contaminants introduced into the shop’s ambient air are essentially eliminated. This can significantly improve the quality of the entire woodshop’s output, extend the service life of tools, and even increase the useful life of abrasives.


Festool offers several different options when it comes to abrasives, each one specifically tailored to both the material and the sander being used. The company’s ‘Rubin’ abrasive was developed for natural wood, wood composites and veneers and has a special coating that sheds wood fibers. It is recommended for hardwoods, softwoods, exotics and many wood-based products. Rubin is a closed coat aluminum oxide abrasive, bonded with a synthetic resin, and available in grits from 40 to 220. Festool’s ‘Granat’ is the company’s longest lasting and highest performing abrasive. It is well suited to most applications including bare wood, paints, most modern paint systems, VOC clear coats, plastic materials, solid surface materials, acrylics, and composites. This is a hardened aluminum oxide in grits from 40 to 1500.


‘Saphir’ is for aggressive stock removal and heavy stripping jobs (24 to 100 grit), while the ‘Vlies’ (pronounced fleece, in 80 to 800 grits), is an excellent choice for deep pore cleaning on natural wood and veneers, and also works wonderfully on contours.


Having the correct backing pad makes a huge difference in results and resilience, and Festool offers half a dozen different options that run the gamut from hard to soft. That’s also part of this superior system – sanders, abrasives and dust extractors – that delivers perfect parts to the spray booth every time.




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