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There's A Whole New World of Bench Clamps for Wood!

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There's A Whole New World of Bench Clamps for Wood!

Published: 11/07/2016

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Clamp Envy.

It’s something that woodworkers experience every time they walk through a welding shop. Some of those fancy metalworking hold-downs and clamps would really come in handy on cabinet projects…


It just so happens that clamping specialists at BESSEY® work in wood and metal clamping, and they’ve come up with a very cool new crossover accessory. It’s an adaptor (the TW16AW19) that drops into the standard 3/4" dog holes in a wooden workbench. The top of the adaptor is constructed to accept BESSEY 16 mm hold down clamps (TW and TWV Series) that one would normally find on a matrix table. This means that light duty metalworking clamping elements from the company’s TW and TWV ranges can now be used on cabinetmakers’ benches. The 16 mm crossover clamps are light, easy to maneuver, allow for quick movement anywhere on the workbench table and are appropriately sized for accurate work on a bench. There is a choice of variable throat depth (TWV Series) or fixed throat depths (TW Series), and each series has a choice of lever handle, a T-Bar handle or the ubiquitous 2K handles that are found on most of BESSEY’s traditional bar clamps. All add a flexibility to clamping that is not so common on woodshop workbenches.


Something that is not immediately apparent is that while these clamps will fit into 3/4" dog holes on a workbench (such as Veritas or Sjoberg tables), they are not limited to that. Using a thick board, a woodworker can drill a hole that will accommodate the adaptors and make a fully custom hold down system!


The TW Series clamps come with a fixed throat depth of 4", a clamping height of 8", and a nominal clamping force up to 550 lbs. The TWV Series clamps have a variable throat length from 1-3/16" to 6", a clamping height of 8", and a nominal clamping force of 650 lbs.


BESSEY. If you know clamps, you know the company’s reputation for quality and reliability. You might also know that the name stands for more than 126 years of German engineering, backed by the strength of its products and its reputation. 


BESSEY. Simply better…


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