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457 River Rd. Clifton, New Jersey, United States 07014

Since 1946, family-owned Forrest Manufacturing has supplied American-made saw blades and dados to serious craftsmen who build fine-quality furniture, cabinets and sophisticated woodworking projects. Forrest blades & dados carry a 30 day guarantee.

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About Forrest Saw Blades

Serious Woodworkers Know and Trust the Forrest Name
Forrest Manufacturing Company is one company where the virtues of quality and service are still important.
We’re proud of the reputation for excellence we’ve earned since our company was founded over fifty-five years ago. For more than three generations, craftsmen have appreciated our superior products and customer-friendly way of doing business. They’ve come to rely on Forrest blades for superior handling and performance. They also enjoy dealing with a service department that really does put the customer first.

Family Owned
In this age of impersonal corporations, we’re pleased to say that Forrest Manufacturing is still family owned and operated.
Because our name is on the products we sell, we insist that every blade and dado be made in the U.S. by skilled workers who share our commitment to quality. Equally important, we stand behind what we sell with a 30-day, full-refund guarantee.

The Story Behind Our Success
Here at Forrest, we take the extra steps during the manufacturing process to make certain our blades meet or exceed your expectations.
For example, our blades are precision engineered using a unique, corrosion-resistant C-4 micrograin carbide. This type of carbide, the hardest available anywhere, dramatically reduces the brittleness often associated with C-4. So you get blades that are 40% stronger and last up to 300% longer between sharpenings.
Forrest also uses a proprietary process to create the finest cutting edges in the world. We select grinding equipment that utilizes the best technology available, and we combine that with the time-tested method of straightening our plates by hand.
Our specially-made diamond grit grinding wheels produce an exceptional grind and the finest cutting edges possible. Each tooth bears exactly the same chip load as the others, giving you a smooth, solid, quality cut without chattering. Splintering, scratching, and tearouts are either eliminated altogether or reduced significantly.
Perimeter concentricity, plate flatness, and side runout are held to such tight tolerances––an astonishing +/- .001" runout––that perfection is ensured for every type of cut––whether crosscuts, rip cuts, or miters. And our blades cut quietly––as quietly as other blades with extra slots that compromise blade strength. You’ll welcome the reduced noise in your shop once you’re using your new Forrest blade!

Area Served

Alabama, United States
Alaska, United States
Arizona, United States
Arkansas, United States
California, United States
Colorado, United States
Connecticut, United States
Delaware, United States
District Of Columbia, United States
Florida, United States
Georgia, United States
Hawaii, United States
Idaho, United States
Illinois, United States
Indiana, United States
Iowa, United States
Kansas, United States
Kentucky, United States
Louisiana, United States
Maine, United States
Maryland, United States
Massachusetts, United States
Michigan, United States
Minnesota, United States
Mississippi, United States
Missouri, United States
Montana, United States
Nebraska, United States
Nevada, United States
New Hampshire, United States
New Jersey, United States
New Mexico, United States
New York, United States
North Carolina, United States
North Dakota, United States
Ohio, United States
Oklahoma, United States
Oregon, United States
Pennsylvania, United States
Rhode Island, United States
South Carolina, United States
South Dakota, United States
Tennessee, United States
Texas, United States
Utah, United States
Vermont, United States
Virginia, United States
Washington, United States
West Virginia, United States
Wisconsin, United States
Wyoming, United States

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Forrest Manufacturing

American-made circular carbide-tipped saw blades & dados

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