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6902 S.194th Street Kent, Washington, United States 98032

Oliver Machinery has a long tradition of innovation. Oliver’s machines consistently utilize cutting-edge materials, precision engineering, and innovative features to put them above and beyond the competition.

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2018 Lathe

6310 Edge Sander

Wide Belt Sanders



A tradition of excellence

Woodworking Machinery company - Oliver Machinery can trace its roots all the way back to 1890 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company, founded by Joseph W. Oliver, originally designed and manufactured wood trimmers that reduced labor time from 15 minutes to only a few seconds, winning Oliver a gold medal for merit at the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris.

In 1908 Oliver introduced the round cutterhead, a much safer alternative to the standard square cutterhead. The new safety feature was so apparent that many states soon began requiring their installation.

In 1923 Oliver introduced the Straitoplane, a combination planer and jointer that could plane a warped board perfectly flat and straight on both surfaces in one pass. In 1929 Oliver sold over 9000 of these machines. Other woodworking machine companies have since copied the design, testifying to its quality and distinctiveness.

Over the span of the twentieth century, Oliver adapted to the ever-changing American economy, manufacturing bread-slicers during the Depression, saws for cutting aluminum, brass, copper, steel and titanium during World War II, and packaging and printing machinery during the 1950’s and 60’s.

By 1994, Oliver had produced over 150,000 machines, 75,000 of which were still in operation on a daily basis worldwide. And even though the company was over 100 years old, Oliver was still modern enough to proudly supply the saw used to cut the ceramic tiles used on the space shuttle.

Our Innovation...

Oliver Machinery has a long tradition of innovation. Ever since the turn of the century when Oliver introduced the round cutterhead, they have been consistently improving and modernizing their machines to give the user the best product.

In the spirit of American ingenuity, Oliver machines improve on existing technology by utilizing features such as carbide helical cutterheads, spiral cutterheads, computerized controls and sensors, segmented infeed rollers, and advanced safety features.

One of the newest Olivers, the 5525 Dual Oscillating Drum Sander, is the only oscillating drum sander on the US market today. Its side-to-side action prolongs sandpaper life and reduces streaking and burning associated with most drum sanders.

In addition to their technological determination, Oliver remains true to the traditions of woodworking machinery. This means their machines are consistently more rugged, heavier-duty, and better designed than the competition, which means that your wood comes out straighter, more precise, and better crafted than with any other machine.

Oliver’s machines consistently utilize cutting-edge materials, precision engineering, and innovative features to put them above and beyond the competition. Browse our machines to see what we mean...

Area Served

Alberta, Canada
British Columbia, Canada
Manitoba, Canada
New Brunswick, Canada
Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada
Northwest Territories, Canada
Nova Scotia, Canada
Nunavut, Canada
Ontario, Canada
Prince Edward Island, Canada
Quebec, Canada
Saskatchewan, Canada
Yukon, Canada
Alabama, United States
Alaska, United States
Arizona, United States
Arkansas, United States
California, United States
Colorado, United States
Connecticut, United States
Delaware, United States
District Of Columbia, United States
Florida, United States
Georgia, United States
Hawaii, United States
Idaho, United States
Illinois, United States
Indiana, United States
Iowa, United States
Kansas, United States
Kentucky, United States
Louisiana, United States
Maine, United States
Maryland, United States
Massachusetts, United States
Michigan, United States
Minnesota, United States
Mississippi, United States
Missouri, United States
Montana, United States
Nebraska, United States
Nevada, United States
New Hampshire, United States
New Jersey, United States
New Mexico, United States
New York, United States
North Carolina, United States
North Dakota, United States
Ohio, United States
Oklahoma, United States
Oregon, United States
Pennsylvania, United States
Rhode Island, United States
South Carolina, United States
South Dakota, United States
Tennessee, United States
Texas, United States
Utah, United States
Vermont, United States
Virginia, United States
Washington, United States
West Virginia, United States
Wisconsin, United States
Wyoming, United States

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